1. When I was putting a blog post together on Church Hill for work last week, I thought it would be a good idea to meet up with my friend Diana for her thoughts on the subject. She’s a longtime Church Hill resident, owns the Era Vintage shop, and organizes a monthly warehouse sale with Johnny Hugel and The Odd Couple on 21st Street.

    While we were talking about the neighborhood at her kitchen table, something that Diana mentioned about Church Hill’s community really resonated with me, “Everyone living or working in Church Hill wants to be here for a reason. We all want to be here because we believe in it. It’s a relatively small neighborhood so the entrepreneurs and residents know each other, look out for, and support one another in a positive way.”

    I love the sense of community that Richmond has. It’s a small and close knit city — and Church Hill seems to take this feeling of community even further.

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