1. New glasses, thanks Warby Parker!



  3. Kate & Marleigh at the last Well Worn Market
    (I don’t think I’ve posted this yet, right?)


  4. I spent the last night of the summer at the Wolf // Goat reunion show at Gallery 5.


  5. My hobbies are expensive and my life is so hard.


  6. You may or may not be aware that I broke my glasses a few weeks ago. It was unintentional. They were the unfortunate casualties of a terrible napping accident. I was beginning to feel like it was time for new specs, and probably a new prescription, anyway. After many visits to Warby Parker’s website, an eye exam, and a home try-on delivery; I’ll be getting a new pair of glasses soon. Can’t wait!



  8. West Avenue
    Richmond, Va


  9. Church Hill
    Richmond, Va


  10. "/

    Allison is one of my closest friends. She’s a talented artist and it seems as if there’s no limit to her creativity, or her dreams. It’s good to know people like this! We had managed to keep in touch throughout her first year in China, which is no small feat for the both of us. Thankfully we’re pretty good pen pals and iMessage makes communicating across thousands of miles a breeze. When Allison was in town for a few weeks this summer, she showed several of her paintings and photographs at Portrait House. I was excited to see some of Allison’s work, that had previously only been familiar to me digitally, in real life.



    I bought this painting because it combines two things that I really love: bears and sleeping. Bears (of all kinds) are my favorite animals! This one looks extra cozy bundled up in a tight ball.


    Always on the go, always creating. With a friend as thoughtful and sincere as Allison, it’s easy to support her. For Allison’s perspective on the show, visit her blog post here.


  11. Na Nin




  14. "Everything feels right
    is within my gasp.
    All the dreams I didn’t know I dreamed
    are coming true.”

    -From a zine that I bought at last year’s Zine Festival